Waterproofing in Bay of Plenty and Auckland

Are you planning to create a wet room in your home or business? A crucial part of the process of installing a wet room is waterproofing to prevent water from damaging the structure of your home. This waterproofing must be expertly applied to ensure the right level of performance and maximum durability.

At Archistone Renovation, we are certified to install waterproofing for tiling. Our waterproofing services are suitable for any wet area you plan to tile.

Our team is highly skilled and experienced, we use the best products and materials, and we offer competitive prices. To get a free, no-obligation quote for waterproofing your wet room, please contact us today on 07 3439990.

How We Work

  • The process starts by preparing the surface of your wet room for the waterproofing work. We’ll first assess the surface to determine the material and state. That said, we can waterproof almost any type of surface, including concrete and wooden floors
  • Our team will then apply the waterproof membrane depending on the type of floor you have and what it will be used for, i.e. the type of wet room you are installing
  • Some waterproofing solutions can take about 24 hours to dry, and two coats might be needed – our expert team can advise on what is required in your room. Please call today on 07 343 9990.

Do You Have Any Questions?